Ruhuna Journal of Science; RJS

Volume 1

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A study of salt secretion by mangroves of Rekawa Lagoon, Sri Lanka PDF
LP Jayatissa, NP Dissanayake, WAT. Weerakkody, G. Senanayake, S. Sanjeewani
Some Hydrographic aspects of Koggala Lagoon with preliminary results on distribution of the marine bivalve Saccostrea forskalli : pre-tsunami status PDF
K. B. Suneetha Gunawickrama, E. P. S. Chandana
Biological control of Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. radicis-cucumerinum, the casual agent of root and stem rot of Cucumis sativus by non-pathogenic Fusarium oxysporum PDF
S. Abeysinghe
Variation of magnetic energy in oriented ultra-thin ferromagnetic films PDF
P. Samarasekara
Infestation of Ceratothripoides claratris (Shumsher) (Thysanoptera: Thripidae) on selected food crops in Thailand PDF
W.T.S. Dammini Premachandra, Christian Borgemeister
Guidance for mangrove replanting: 1. Interspecific variations in responses of mangrove saplings to two contrasting salinities PDF
L.P. Jayatissa, W.A.A.D.L. Wickramasinghe
A simple device to reduce the wastage of cooking gas PDF
E.M. Ranatunga, W.G.D. Dharmaratna
Validation of Taguchi design using a quality parameter of cosmetic soap manufactured in a local industry PDF
C. P. S. Pathirana, R. A. Dayananda, P. Dias, S. B. Nawarathne
Intra-specific morphological plasticity in three Puntius species in Sri Lanka PDF
M.P.K.S.K. De Silva, S. Hettiarachi, N.P.P. Liyanage
Evaluation of antibacterial activity of different mangrove plant extracts PDF
P.D. Abeysinghe, R.N. Pathirana, R.P. Wanigatunge
Inferencing design styles using Bayesian Networks PDF
Aruna Lorensuhewa, Shlomo Geva, Binh Pham
Clinics management system (CMS) based on patient centric process ontology PDF
Prasad Jayaweera, Jeewanie Jayasinghe, Lal Wellakkage, Vajira Malawaraarachchi, Samantha Liyanage, Piyal Perera
Some politics and statistical physics behind Sri Lankan stock market crashes PDF
Janak R. Wedagedera, W. Ajith Raveendra De Mel
Preliminary study on cytotoxic compounds from the seeds of Nigella sativa L (Black cumin) PDF
Vajira P. Bulugahapitiya, P.T. Kirinde Arachchige
Vertebrate diversity in a thirty year old analogue forest in Pitigala, Elpitiya, in the Galle District of Southern Sri Lanka PDF
S. N. Gamage, W. K. D. D. Liyanage, A. Gunawardena, S. Wimalasuriya

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