Diversity of Ferns and Lycophytes in the Mt. Malambo, Southern Philippines

Lilibeth Villan Rufila, Fulgent Palmitos Coritico, Hannah Pava Lumista, Florfe Macabudbud Acma, Noe Polo Mendez, Joevina Caballero Nobleza, Victor Bucad Amoroso


This research was carried out to study the diversity and assess the conservation status and endemism of ferns and lycophytes in the Mt. Malambo, Datu Salumay, Southern Philippines. Repeated transect walks were done with 20 sampling plots delineated on the site. Specimens were collected, identified, and assessed for their conservation status and endemism. Data gathered were analyzed employing the Shannon-Weiner Index. The inventory revealed 215 species (202 species of ferns and 13 species of lycophytes) belonging to 74 genera and 23 families. Polypodiaceae, Aspleniaceae, Hymenophyllaceae, and Pteridaceae were the species-rich families collected. Asplenium nidus L., Pneumatopteris costata (Brackenr.) Holttum, and Asplenium thunbergii Kunze obtained the highest species importance values. Mt. Malambo has a diversity value of H’=1.83 which is higher compared to other mountains in Mindanao. This study reports 20 Philippine endemic and 19 threatened species of ferns and lycophytes in the area. Of these, one is critically endangered, 11 are endangered, five are vulnerable, and two are other threatened species. The presence of many threatened and endemic species in the area implies that high priority should be addressed in protecting and conserving these species of ferns and lycophytes in Mt. Malambo.

Keywords: Diversity assessment, inventory, montane forest, pteridophytes, threatened species

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