A solution for non-stationary, slowly-rotating, cylindrically symmetric, perfect fluid universe

M.P.A. Wijayasiri, P.K.C.M. Wijewickrema


An analytic solution for the relativistic field equations is obtained for a non-stationary, slowly rotating, cylindrically symmetric distribution of perfect fluid universe. The new metric, is regular with the exception at the point r = 0. There is a gravitational singularity at r = 0. At t = 0 the pressure p and density r are maximum and tends to ¥ throughout the radial coordinate r (0< r < ¥), but the solutions are well behaved for t >0, and p and r are decreasing to zero as t increases through the range 0 < t < ¥. So according to the model, it has the big bang singularity at t = 0, where r diverges.

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