A novel and efficient approach for line segment clipping against a convex polygon

Kasun Ranga Wijeweera, Saluka Ranasinghe Kodituwakku, Mahawaga Arachchige Pathum Chamikara


This paper proposes a new line clipping algorithm against a convex polygon with O (N) time complexity. The line segment is pruned against each extended edge of the polygon as the first step of the proposed algorithm. Then, the pruning process gives accurate outcomes for completely inside and partially inside line segments only. It could be observed that the endpoints of completely outside line segments coincide after the pruning process. The algorithm was developed based on this observation. The proposed algorithm was compared against the four existing algorithms both theoretically and experimentally. The proposed algorithm is faster than Cyrus Beck algorithm and it is slower than ECB, Rappaport, and Skala algorithms.

Keywords: Computer Graphics Programming, Line Clipping Algorithms, Computational Geometry, Convex Analysis, Time Complexity.

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