In vitro regeneration of Hypochaeris radicata L. from sodium alginate-encapsulated synthetic seeds

Jamuna Senguttuvan, Paulsamy Subramaniam


Synthetic seeds were produced from in vitro derived leaf, root and callus explants of Hypochaeris radicata (hairy cat’s-ear) by encapsulating different concentrations of sodium alginate hydrogel (1-6%) containing MS medium. The texture, conversion frequency and the effect of temperature on shoot emergence were evaluated. Among three explants attempted, in vitro derived leaf segments encapsulated beads stored at 25°C observed successful shoot regeneration above 80% in the standardized MS medium supplemented with 2mg/L BAP. The regenerated shoots were rooted well (73.54%) on MS medium with 1mg/L NAA. The high frequency of plant re-growth was found in four month old leaf segment encapsulated beads. Generally, four months stored beads of all explants at 25°C found to have higher regeneration rate in comparison with 2 and 6 months old encapsulated beads.

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