Effect of demagnetization factor on total energy of ultra-thin ferromagnetic films with three layers

P. Samarasekara


The energy of ultra-thin sc(001) ferromagnetic film with three layers will be investigated using classical Heisenberg Hamiltonian. Energy curves show several minimums indicating that the film can be easily oriented in these directions under the influence of certain values of demagnetization factor. When the demagnetization factor is given by μ ω 0 d N=8, the angle corresponding to first minimum is 0.6 radians for sc(001) ferromagnetic lattice. Under the influence of demagnetization factor of μ ω 0 d N= 7.5, energy minimum can be observed at 0.6 radians for bcc(001) lattice. The energy curve of bcc(001) ferromagnetic lattice is smoother compared with that of sc(001) lattice.

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